Beth Quinn

Beth QuinnBeth Quinn is a self-taught mixed media jewelry artist residing in Arizona with her husband and two children. Beth loves working with anything vintage whether it is metal, paper, baubles that she finds along her journey, fabrics and so much more.  She loves to combine texture to create jewelry and art that can be loved and cherished for years to come…

She has had a passion for creating since she was a little girl.  She was first introduced to metals at a young age in her father’s metal shop. As an inventor, metal- worker, and entrepreneur she was taught many skills from him and so began her journey.  Since his passing in 2001, she has inherited all his metal making tools.   She continues to share his passion for finding new ways to use things old and new.  She also believes in honoring all the women in her life, which is why much of her jewelry and art revolves around “SHE’s”.


Beth’s jewelry and art have been featured in several magazines and her jewelry is sold in boutiques all over the world.


"All Her Heart" Art Adornment

“All Her Heart” Art Adornment

"Window to Her Soul" Doll

“Window to Her Soul” Doll