Rhinestones and Leather Bracelet


Rhinestone and Leather Bracelet: Friday- 8:00am, Saturday- 1:00pm

Taught by: Riki Schumacher

Learn how to wrap leather cord, cotton and rhinestones together!  These bracelets are a blast to make.  I’ll show you how to wrap away, just the right way, with the result being a double wrap rhinestone and leather bracelet.  These are so much fun, and easy once you know how. You can go home and make a ton of them.  Your friends will want one they are so darn cute.  We will use a button for the closure, so you can bring one with a nice open shank, or use one from the kit.  You will love how this leather feels on your wrist, and how supple it is.  Bring your magnifiers if you need them. And let’s wrap away! All levels welcome.

Kit Fee: $12.00 ~ Leather, cording, rhinestone, adhesive, clasp

Supplies Provided:

Adhesives, tools, paper towels, extra supplies.

Supplies Needed:

Flush wire cutters

A button with a large shank (optional)

Magnifiers if needed, Ott light if needed