Sparkle Charm Bracelets


Sparkle Charm Bracelets: Friday- 3pm, Saturday- 4:30pm

Taught by: Riki Schumacher

Bring more sparkle into your life by making this adorable charm bracelet in my workshop.  You will be building a small charm from scratch. I’ll show you how to cut a little metal, form a wire bezel, do a touch of soldering with a butane torch, stamp a word or two, then add some fabulous rhinestone chain, giving your charm a touch of sparkle.  Then attach your sweet creation to a beautiful chain bracelet, and finally tie on a hand-torn shred of silk for more lusciousness.  All levels are welcome.

Kit Fee: $15.00

Supplies Provided:

Kit materials: sheet metal, rhinestones, wire bezel, some solder, sari silk, chain, lobster clasp, all soldering and finishing supplies.

Heat safe surfaces

Soldering bricks

Flux, patina, solder & cups

Files, sand paper, polishing pads, adhesives

Extra torches and extra fuel


Washing supplies, paper towels

Tools, punches, jump rings


Supplies Needed:

Butane torch and fuel

Metal shears (I have extra)

Metal files (I have extra)

Jewelry tools; needle nose and flat nose pliers, wire cutters



Ott light (battery preferred)


Magnifiers if needed

Ultra Fine tip permanent marker