“Royal Escutcheon” Soldered Plaque

“Royal Escutcheon” Soldered Plaque: Friday- 11:30am, Saturday- 8am

Taught by: Terri Brush

Using glass which has been custom cut for this amazing event, and Terri’s signature soldering techniques, you will create a large scale (4”x5”) soldered and  bejeweled crest fit for any member of the royal family. This class is appropriate for all levels of soldering skills; basic to advanced. Supplies to complete the project as shown will be provided in your kit.

Supplies Provided: Your Kit will come complete, with ephemera, rhinestones, and images  as well so you can just arrive and play..

Supplies Needed:

Spool of lead-free solder


Basic soldering kit (soldering iron, flux, sal block, work space, fid, etc) if you have one. Shared irons will be provided.

You are invited to bring any custom artwork, photos, ephemera, or other treasures, to encase in your shield in lieu of the art.