“Window to Her Soul” Doll


“Window to Her Soul” Doll: Friday- 3:00pm, Saturday- 4:30pm

Taught by: Beth Quinn

In this class, we will make an adorable doll with a window in her center to create a one-of- a-kind piece of art. Techniques include creating depth and texture by using layers of cheesecloth, paper clay techniques, decoupage, painting, beeswax, layering, charcoal pencils, wire working, mica and more!

Elements we will use include; lace, glitter, velvet, wooden spools, jewelry parts, rhinestones, beeswax, paint, charcoal, and so much more..

Students will need to bring an old china-doll head that is special to them, aprox 1-3 inch. Instructor will have a variety of doll heads for purchase for 5.00 each if needed.

All other supplies will be provided to make the entire doll.   Students are encouraged to bring extra pieces to make their piece one of a kind and unique. Items to consider bringing are; vintage bits, broken jewelry, rhinestones, lace, buttons, etc.

Students should bring basic tool kit scissors , glue, small paint brush , wire tools if you have them but it’s not necessary