Debbie Murray and Shea Fragoso, the mother/daughter design team behind A Gilded Life, have returned to their native Southern California, bringing with them years of experience in producing exquisite art retreats and events.

Now producing their signature style mixed-media art projects in a downtown Los Angeles Garment District loft, the duo is better able to curate the monthly offerings of their extremely popular Gilded Girls Stash Society, as well as launching an entire new line of A Gilded Life licensed products with Silvestri.

Still lingering for the pair was the desire to bring their luxurious event experiences to their hometown. Having hosted numerous successful events at their converted 100 year old church in Dallas, Texas, an active group of Gilded Girls continued to demand another Gilded event.

With much thought and care, and that unbelievable support from loyal fans and attendees, Spellbound was born…